Author Guidelines

Jurnal Pendidikan Keluarga is a peer-reviewed online journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world. We invite qualified research articles in all aspects of vocational education and science in the fields of food, fashion, tourism, hospitality management, and beauty, and cosmetics by researchers and practitioners.

Please refer to the following guidelines before submitting the manuscript.

The submission stage

  • The paper should be submitted by the author via online submission
  • The content of the article should not be submitted simultaneously to another journal.
  • Articles have not been published or accepted for any publication, or are being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • The article is original and does not contain any elements of plagiarism.
  • Types of articles suitable for publication include the following; research reports (laboratory, field, archives), conceptual ideas, studies, theory applications.
  • To submit an article, please register. Fill the password by yourself. Then click 'user home' and click 'new submission' at the end of the author.
  • Articles should be submitted online in soft files using Microsoft Word application.
  • Authors will be sent notifications of the receipt of manuscripts and editorial decisions (whether the articles are accepted or not) by e-mail. Manuscripts that are not published will not be returned to the authors.

How to prepare a manuscript

  • Articles are written in Indonesian or English (preferable) using academic language along with standard academic writing structure and composition.
  • Manuscripts are typed 1 spaced in a quarto paper size (A4), between 4000-7000 words in length (excluding references, pictures, and tables).
  • A manuscript should consist of the following content.


  • The title should be simple, concise, and informative with only the first word capitalized. A shortened version of the title consisting of a maximum of 15 words or 100 characters (including spaces) for running headers should also be provided. Font Cambria in English and Indonesia

Author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s)

  • Author’s name should not be written on the article in the first submission but it should be put on the article metadata on Open Journal System (OJS) website (If author’s name is still on the article, the article would be rejected and the author may submit on a new submission). Two or more authors in an article are preferred. The author must fill out author’s profile on OJS website that consists of author First, Middle and Last Name (If the author only uses one name, fill the first name and last name with the same name), Gender, Initial, Username, Password, Affiliation (University/or Institution), E-mail, Mailing Address (complete address of affiliation: street name, city, province and zip code), Country and Bio Statement (Department or Faculty).

Abstract & Keywords

  • abstract is written in English (150-200 words for each) which includes an introduction, the objective of the papers, method, findings, and conclusion,
  • key words in English (5 words),


  • Introduction (without subsection) which includes the background of the study, research contexts, literary review, research gaps, and research objective. All introduction should be presented in the forms of paragraphs, not pointers, with the proportion of 15-20% of the whole article length,
  • research methods, it consists of  description concerning the  research design, data sources, data collection, and data analysis with the proportion of  10-15% of the total article length, all presented in the form of paragraphs
  • result and discussion, consisting of a description of the results of the data analysis to answer the research question(s) and their meanings are seen from current theories and references of the area addressed. The proportion of  this section is 40-60% of the total article length
  • conclusion, consists of the summary, restatement of  the main findings and


  • every source cited in the body of the article should appear in the reference, and all sources appearing in the reference should be cited in the body of the article,
  • The reference list format is based on the APA 6th (American Psychological Association) style by using Mendeley Reference Management. The reference list should appear at the end of the article and includes only literature actually cited in the manuscripts.
  • References are ordered alphabetically and chronologically


Author Fee

This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR)
Article Processing Charges (APCs): 500,000.00 (IDR)

The APC, payable when only due once the author knows the manuscript is accepted by the editorial team and ready for publication. The APC is charged to you or your funder, institution, or employer. The authors can request that the invoice be sent to their institution or funder.